The Science Behind Temple Visit

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The modern scientists say that temples are “Quantum Healing Centers.” Unlike Churches and Mosques, Temples are not just prayer halls- they have got something more to do- something to deal with energy!! The South Indian temples are constructed in such a way that it resembles the Yaaga shaala or the Sacrificial Place. It consists of the entrance, the Bali stone, the Dhwaja Sthamba (The flag post), the Mandapa (the place where Vedic scholars sit and chant Vedic mantras) and Sree Kovil (the Sanctum sanctorum). Every nook and corner of the temple deals with various forms of energy. Either it produces, absorbs, reflects, refracts, radiates or concentrates the energy.


Why do we need a vigraha?

Hindus worship only one God.


The scholars see The Unique God in various forms.


Just like the rainwater falling at different places on earth gradually flows and reaches the ocean finally, whichever deity we worship, we ultimately worship one god – Narayana. These shlokas make it clear that Hinduism is a monotheistic religion. Now I have to clarify what the word Hindu means. The word “Hindu” is synonymous with “Indian.”


The Holy land that stretches between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean is called Hindusthan. Obviously, anyone who considers India as his/her motherland is a Hindu. So the so-called Christians and Muslims are Hindus with their Ishtadevatha (Favorite deity) Jesus and Allah respectively. Now that we have got only one god we should ask the question – Why do we have different manifestations and various deities? Before you attempt answering this question answer a similar question- Consider ice cream. Why do we have different flavors for the same ice cream? It’s because different people have different tastes. So they like different flavors! Similarly, due to the inherent Vaasanas one may develop a liking for the romantic lord Krishna or the lord of power and destruction Shiva. We have different deities and gods which are the manifested forms of One energy only to cater to the different tastes of people.


Now, let’s do an experiment. Close your eyes and remember your grandfather. Try to visualize his image. Try to recollect all you know about him. Now take a photograph of your grandfather and look at it. Now again remember all you know about him. Which is easier? Obviously, it’s the second method. This is the only reason for image worship and one of the reasons for worshiping an idol.


An idol is an energizing material. Let’s see this in detail. We know that the only God that the Hindus worship is the Paramatma Chaitanyam. Now our task is to represent this energy with a small piece of matter. The Milky Way galaxy is a small part of the unimaginably big Universe of which our Solar system is a small part. Our earth is a small part of the Solar system and a mountain or a hill forms a small part of the earth. A small piece of granite forms a small piece of the mountain. We use this piece to represent the entire Prapancha (the universe). Idols can also be made of an alloy of five metals, panchaloha. We consecrate the idol inside the Sree Kovil which is usually in pyramidal or conical form. This structure is the best for concentrating the energy over the idol. As of now, we have got a small piece of stone inside a strange building. Let’s see how the building becomes a temple and the stone becomes a god!


If you‘ve been to a temple you’d know that the idol is kept adjacent to a number of small lamps. The flickering lamps provide a melodious frequency-based light energy and heat that the idol absorbs. The brightly colored flowers give light energy and beautiful fragrance. This fragrance is chemical energy. The agarbattis, camphor and dhupa, etc also emit chemical energy in the form of pleasant smell. The sound of the temple bell, the musical instruments and the Vedic mantras being chanted by the scholars in the mandapa also energize the atmosphere with sound energy. And most importantly, The Thanthri/ the Purohit / The Priest exhales his breath into a tulsi leaf or a flower reciting the moolamantra of the deity whose sculpture the idol is, and puts the leaf/ flower at the lotus feet of the idol. It’s the priest who energises the vigraha with his praana- The life force. In Christianity and Islam the Priest has nothing to do with energy. Now we can say that the idol is at a higher energy level


Here’s an article on Kumbhabhishekam – the consecration process of temples.

Why do we need this Energy?

Our body comprises Five containers! Annamaya kosha, Manomaya kosha, Thejomaya kosha, Vijnanamaya kosha and Anandamaya kosha. Out of these Thejomaya kosha is a container of energy. Don’t ponder wherein our body such a container is! Just think- If you’re five feet tall, your body has potential energy. Blood circulation involves kinetic energy. All metabolic activities deal with chemical energy. What form of energy can you not find in the human body? This Thejomaya kosha has to be replenished once in a while. This makes it necessary to visit the temple! If you can build a Thejomaya kosha filler or if you could market a refill that serves this purpose someday… well and good…. Am with you… and you needn’t go to the temple thereafter!


Prerequisites for a Temple Visit

As Sree Narayana Guru has said one needs to be pure in five aspects! Panchashudhi is absolutely necessary before you visit a temple. Shareerashudhi, Vagshudhi, Manasshudhi, Aaharahudhi, and Karmashudhi are the five kinds of Shudhi that one needs to attain. A proper bath is very essential to be bodily pure; You can easily attain Shareerashudhi by bathing! Vagshudhi is the purity of words! May your tongue hurt none in the world…. You can achieve Vagshudhi by controlling the 6 cm long boneless weapon that everyone has in his/her mouth. Cleansing your mind of evil thoughts will make you mentally pure- you achieved Manasshudi also. Aaharashudhi is the purity of the food that you consume. Eat Satvic food only. Avoid non-vegetarian food (which is in no way better than Vegetarian food). You can achieve this too. It’s not difficult! And finally, Karmashudhi – the purity of action. A clean mind and good thoughts will never let you do evil deeds. Our actions should be noble to attain Karmashudhi. We are eligible to enter a temple if we are pure in all these respects!


It’s by assuming that all Hindus are pure in this regard that the temple authorities have started hanging a board displaying “Only Hindus are permitted inside the temple.” This is a wrong practice. Anyone who satisfies the above conditions can/ should be able to enter a temple. Open your eyes, whosoever concerned..!!

The Energization Process

Once you stand in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the positive energy from the Vigraha gushes out. The flickering lamps and flowers supply light energy – This is called SOLAR THERAPY by modern medicine! The fragrance of flowers and battis supply chemical energy- This is called AROMA THERAPY by modern medicine. The sound of Bells, Conch, and musical instruments give a free MUSIC THERAPY. Mind that, I didn’t say this… This is what Modern doctors and scientists say! Chanting and listening to Vedic mantras causes 24 kinds of curative chemicals to be secreted inside our brain…which is very useful in post-surgical recovery.. This is called NEURO-LINGUISTIC EFFECT! Chanting Shlokas (knowing its meaning) gives rise to PSYCHO-LINGUISTIC EFFECT!!


To absorb this energy to the maximum possible level, we are required to wear light-colored dresses while visiting a temple. Saffron, yellow or white is preferred because the aura of a man in trance is yellowish in color. If our dress is of a similar color we can absorb the energy to a greater extent! Moreover, dark red, blue, and green colors reflect the energy back when you stand in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum… Light colors absorb more! So it is advised not to wear dark-colored dresses while going to a temple. Shabarimala is an exception because, as the place is extremely cold, a dark dress is a necessity to protect the worshippers from the severe cold!


Also, our five sense organs get activated by paying a visit to a temple. Our eyes get activated by the light energy coming from the sanctum sanctorum as discussed earlier. So are our ears activated by the music and the mantras. Our nose gets activated by the fragrance of the flowers and the pleasant smoke of the battis. Smearing of Sandal paste in the forehead activates the skin. Sandalol and sandalal, two chemicals present in sandal paste get absorbed through the forehead. It cools the pituitary gland which itself controls all the other glands in our body. By controlling the pituitary gland we can ensure smooth functioning of all the glands in our body. Ladies smear Kumkum on their forehead because kumkum has the ability to absorb mild doses of Ultraviolet light. Though UV radiation is harmful, a mild dose is beneficial for the body. The skin is also activated by wearing tulsi leaf behind the ear! A certain chemical is absorbed by the skin behind our ear that increases blood circulation. Increased blood circulation means faster blood purification in the kidneys! So wearing tulsi leaf results in blood purification! Have you ever known about it? Finally, the prasadam that you get, mostly thrimadhuram or some other sweet substance that is rich in glucose activates your fifth sense organ- the tongue. Glucose is an instant source of energy. Thus our five sense organs are activated inside a temple.


Circum-ambulating the banyan tree cleanses your lungs. Banyan trees have the ability to produce Ozone gas. Ozone, though a poisonous gas, acts as a lung cleaning agent when its concentration is below 8 ppm (parts per million). One is required to perform the banyan tree circum-ambulation before 8 in the morning and that too seven times.. without moving your limbs heavily…in peace, foot after foot…etc. All these rules are formulated considering the amount of ozone gases available under the banyan tree!! Just imagine how great the ancient Rishis were and how great we are!!!


Is this all Correct?

To those whose aim is solely to question and disprove others, I have nothing to say. My humble pranams to you! You go your way and I’ll humbly go mine. To those who have a quest for knowledge, I am bound to clarify your doubts. If you want to check the correctness of all that I said, just buy a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) equipment. It’s very cheap. Just Rs. 6,00,000. Switch it ON before you enter a temple and check your energy level after you come out. Had your aura been 2 feet in diameter before entering, now it would be 3.5 meters wide!!! That’s a measure of the energy gained by you inside the temple.


Now some of you may understand why the scientists call temples Quantum Healing Centers and some others may still believe that temples are ancient structures similar to museums.. You may believe whichever way you wish…. I think I have discharged my duty sincerely and effectively.

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