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The Lingasthakam Stotram is a prayer composed of eight salutations that are offered to the supreme deity, Lord Shiva who is in the form of a linga. Linga is the universal symbol of creation and the source of everything. This prayer glorifies the Shiva Linga and details its greatness. Each verse enlists the glory of the Lord and the benefits of worshiping the Shiva Linga. In Lingashtakam, the Shivalingas of Lord Sadashiva are praised in a wonderful and beautiful manner. Shiva Linga is also worshiped by Vishnu and Brahma. The person reciting it remains at peace at all times and it also destroys any misery caused due to the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Worshiped by sages and deities, it is powerful enough to take away the pride of the demons. Adorned with fragrance, Shiva Linga enhances intelligence. Adorned with gold and precious stones and radiating the brilliance of shining gems, it also destroyed Daksha.

It is covered with sandalwood paste and kumkum and adorned with garlands. It has the power to destroy the past karmas of the worshippers. Anyone who recites the Lingasthakam stotra daily in the presence of Shiva will attain the world of Shiva and be in his company.

Lingashtakam Stotram is one of the most revered hymns in Hinduism. It is considered very auspicious to recite it sitting in front of Shivlinga or in the premises of Lord Shiva in some form (idol, image etc.). Lingastakam Stotram is a great hymn to worship Lord Shiva during Shivaratri festival. Worshiping the Shiva Linga with this prayer and decorating it with garlands and flowers, offering fragrance and fruits is a good way to please the Lord and seek his blessings. Regular recitation of this hymn gives peace of mind to the devotee and keeps him away from all evil and evil thoughts. Those who chant this mantra regularly become healthy, wealthy, prosperous and wise. The power of linga helps a person to gain positivity, confidence and willpower.

Lingashtakam Meaning

Lingashtakam Sanskrit Lyrics with English Meaning

ब्रह्ममुरारिसुरार्चितलिङ्गम् निर्मलभासितशोभितलिङ्गम् ।
जन्मजदुःखविनाशकलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिवलिङ्गम् ॥ १॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga who is the eternal Shiva, who is worshiped by Brahma, Vishnu and other gods himself, who is pure, graceful and who destroys the sorrows of birth.

देवमुनिप्रवरार्चितलिङ्गम् कामदहम् करुणाकर लिङ्गम् ।
रावणदर्पविनाशनलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ २॥
I bow to the eternal and compassionate Sadashivalinga, which is worshiped by the deities, sages, who burnt Kamadeva and destroyed the ego of Ravana.

सर्वसुगन्धिसुलेपितलिङ्गम् बुद्धिविवर्धनकारणलिङ्गम् ।
सिद्धसुरासुरवन्दितलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ३॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga which is always fragrant, which improves intellect, which is worshiped by Siddhas, suras, and asuras.

कनकमहामणिभूषितलिङ्गम् फनिपतिवेष्टित शोभित लिङ्गम् ।
दक्षसुयज्ञ विनाशन लिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ४॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga, which is adorned with gold and majestic gems, which is dazzling because of being adorned by the king of snakes, the destroyer of Daksha's yajna (Sacrifice).

कुङ्कुमचन्दनलेपितलिङ्गम् पङ्कजहारसुशोभितलिङ्गम् ।
सञ्चितपापविनाशनलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ५॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga who is adorned with quince, sandalwood paste, adorned with a lotus garland, the destroyer of accumulated sins.

देवगणार्चित सेवितलिङ्गम् भावैर्भक्तिभिरेव च लिङ्गम् ।
दिनकरकोटिप्रभाकरलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ६॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga which is worshiped, served by the gods, which can be attained by devotion and which is as luminous as crores of suns.

अष्टदलोपरिवेष्टितलिङ्गम् सर्वसमुद्भवकारणलिङ्गम् ।
अष्टदरिद्रविनाशितलिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ७॥
I bow to the Sadashivalinga, which is surrounded by the 8 petals, the cause of the origin of the whole world, the destroyer of the eight types of poverty.

सुरगुरुसुरवरपूजित लिङ्गम् सुरवनपुष्प सदार्चित लिङ्गम् ।
परात्परं परमात्मक लिङ्गम् तत् प्रणमामि सदाशिव लिङ्गम् ॥ ८॥
I bow to that Sadashivalinga, which is worshiped by the Guru of the devas, by the Supreme Gods and worshipped with the flowers of the Forest of the Gods, which is transcendent, of divine form.

लिङ्गाष्टकमिदं पुण्यं यः पठेत् शिवसन्निधौ ।
शिवलोकमवाप्नोति शिवेन सह मोदते ॥
One who recites this holy Lingashtakam, attains the company of Shiva, attains the world of Shiva, attains happiness with Shiva.
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