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The Cowherd is an individual-run initiate to provide seekers an immersive spiritual and wellness experience. The blog aims to answer spiritual queries that seekers have during their awakening journey. We rely on authentic scriptures to bring out useful information and spread it across the world.

This blog also aims at spreading awareness about Indic heritage keeping in mind the needs of sincere seekers who want to learn and understand the profound realizations of ancient Indian sages. The Cowherd envisions bringing online authentic information on a variety of Indic topics like spirituality based on Vedic wisdom, health and wellness based on Ayurveda and Yoga.

India as a civilization has offered the world a myriad of things. Be it art, science, astronomy, spirituality, mythology, yoga or medicine, Indic civilization has contributed a lot. Although Yoga and Ayurveda have gained a lot of mainstream acceptance in the modern times, our Puranic stories, Vedic and Upanishadic wisdom, the various sthala-puranas, legends of temples, biographies of sages and significance of pilgrimage spots have not been understood enough.

Our vision is to digitize and curate authentic spiritual and lifestyle information from across India. Some of the main challenges a spiritual seeker faces today is lack of authentic information, multiplicity of information, easy availability of commodity content which lacks credibility and misinformation. The Cowherd will strive to trace down the original scriptural roots, commentaries and sermons of realized seers to bring to its readers reliable and authentic content, in a simple and readable format.

The question “Who am I?” is not really meant to get an answer. It’s meant to dissolve the questioner.

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

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