Peruvemba Sri Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple

  1. The Legend of Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
  2. Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple Festivals – Patham Udayam
  3. Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple Location and Contacts
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The Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Peruvemba village, of Palakkad in Kerala. The main deity of the temple is Sri Ootukulangara Bhagavathy. There are installations of Lord Ganapathy and Lord Ayyappa as well. The temple’s darshan hours range from 5 AM to 10:30 AM and in the evening from 5 PM to 7 PM. The temple is located against a backdrop of paddy fields and a large pond, making it a breathtaking visual treat for devotees.

Peruvemba Sri Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
Entrance of Ootukulangara Sri Bhagavathy Temple

The deity here is said to be a swayambhu, meaning that which occurred by itself. Since the stone idol was found under the shade of an Ashoka tree, the tree itself was chosen to act as the roof to the temple. This is how the Ootukulangara Temple came into existence. At the Peruvemba temple, Bhagavathy is worshipped in Bhadrakali form. Often, the name Bhadrakali is misinterpreted as being one of
the fiercest forms of the Devi. However, this is not true. Bhadrakali literally means, “That Kali who safeguards Her Devotees” and as per Agrala Stotram created by Markandeya, Bhadrakali bestows Happiness and Peace upon her devotees.

The main offerings at Ootukulangara Bhagavathy temple are Chanthattam, Kadumadura Payasam, Vilakku, Trikaala pooja, Udayasthamana Pooja as well as various others. Chanthattam can only be made in the morning with pooja.

Ootukulangara temple pond
The pond in front of Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple

The Legend of Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple

Peruvemba Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple is located where there was once a paddy field. Legend has it that a farm worker who ploughed a field heard the sound of his plough hitting something and bleeding. He fled and reported the incident to his landlord. The landlord checked the scene, became convinced of the farmer’s story, and then brought in an astrologer. After conducting prashnam, he concluded that the idol was a sculpture of Sri Bhagavathy, thus making the area extremely sacred. The owner of the site built the temple where the idol was found. The temple sanctum has a small roof and its idol is under the Asoka tree. Older residents say that the Asoka tree is still exactly the same as it was in their childhood.

Peruvemba Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple
Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple

Another version, obtained from the temple’s brochure, goes as follows:

Long ago, in a thick forest area, around midnight melodious voice of a lady was heard by a person from ‘Panan’ community. What was heard at a distance soon came close by. As he stood mesmerized by the melody of the song, he heard a heavenly voice: “Do you like music so much?”, to which he replied: “Yes”. He expressed his desire to have a glimpse of the singer. Then the voice said: “if you insist to see the singer, you may do so by closing one eye and seeing through the other eye”. Accordingly he did, saw and stood shocked at the sight. He saw a radiant lady singing while swaying on a swing. The frightened Panan immediately informed other community people like Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith etc. Following astrological advice, the Devi was installed at Thoovasseri Mannam, after decorating the floor with rice flour Rangoli. As per the wish of the Devi, the present Temple was built by the families of Mannattil and Naduvath. Thus the festival which started with rice flour decoration was named “Nila Manichil Vela”. After consulting the “Thantry”, the Devi-in ‘Saumyya Bhava’ was installed at this Temple with all religious rituals and practices. Even today, the Trustees of the Temple are the heads of Mannattil and Naduvath.

Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple Festivals – Patham Udayam

Patham Padhiyam known as Chanthatam is an important temple ceremony. It usually falls in the last week of December. The festival begins in the Malayalam month of Vrischikam or Mandalamasam. Vilakku (lighting the temple lamps and special pooja) is performed daily from the first day of Vrischikam masam to the chanthattam festival. Chanthattam is celebrated after 41 Niravilaku the first Monday or Thursday. The devotees donate various types of auspicious offerings to Bhagavathy on the day of the festival. The temple is open until 1 PM on the Chanthattam Day.

During this day, everyone is allowed to freely enter the inner portals of the temple and reach very near the goddess. The temple has its own baynan tree and a pond. The devaswom building is now newly built alongside the kalyana mandapam. This temple is very near the Shiva temple and Ganapathy temple of the village.

The Navaratri festival is also celebrated in the temple. Vilakku is performed daily for nine days of navarathri.

Peruvemba Vela is another festival. It is not done in the temple; but at Thoovaseri Mannam, which is the moolasthanam of Bhagavathy.

Here are some pictures of Ootukulangara Bhagavathy temple and the premises.

Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple Location and Contacts

The Ootukulangara Bhagavathy Temple is located 1.4 km from Peruvemba junction. The village of Peruvemba is about seven miles [11 km] from the city of Palakkad. The temple is about 11 miles [17 km] from the Palakkad junction. The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport.

Map Location

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