Benefits of fasting on Ekadashi

The following are the points extolling greatness of fasting on Ekadashi and the benefits that accrue to the devotee who strictly observes the fast. But before you proceed, do take a look at our post on Vaikunta Ekadashi.


Ekadasi fasting benefits are greater than that of making pilgrimages and sacrifices

This day (Ekadashi) was created as a supreme antidote to alleviate the miseries of material existence of body and mind. One who observes fast on Ekadashi will be free from mental problems.


A single ekadasi fast earns the same merit as the one who feeds 1000 mendicants every day for 60,000 years.

Fasting on Ekadashi prevents and cures illnesses and diseases as it detoxifies the body and cleanses of bowel system.


Ekadashi fasting gives 10 times the merit as that of a person donating in charity 1000 cows to a learned brahmana.

According to Brahma- Vaivarta Purana, Lord Vishnu removes the sins of those who observe fast on Ekadashi. The obstacles to spiritual progress are removed and perfection in life is achieved.


Sage Vasista in Narada Purana says, “Neither Ganga, Kasi, Kurukshetra, Yamuna, Reva, Vedika, Gaya, Pushkara and Chandrabhaga, none of them is equal to the day of Lord Hari, Ekadasi. Even if one fasts on ekadasi unknown to others, all his sins are burnt at once and he attains the spiritual world.”

Ekadasi fasting is believed to liberate one from the cycle of birth and death.


One begets the blessings of Lord Vishnu by fasting on the day of Ekadashi.

Those who fast on this Ekadashi day get the blessings of religious bent of mind, wealth and ultimate liberation.


Scientific reason for Ekadashi fasting: Fasting helps to improve the working of digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary system. It makes the person strong both mentally and physically.

There is no fast holier than the Ekadasi.

The power of Ekadashi is immense, if done sincerely with the right attitude. Observing this fast is one of the easiest but powerful ways to progress in your spiritual journey. There are about 24 Ekadashis in a year and the Vaikunta Ekadasi is considered very sacred. Here’s our blog that narrates the story behind Vaikunta Ekadashi.

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