When a stray cat chooses you – Spiritual Meaning

When a stray cat chooses you, have you wondered whether it has any spiritual meaning? Have you ever found yourself being followed by a stray cat for no reason? Or, have you seen a cat show up and meow at your doorstep and wondered what its spiritual meaning could be? What does it mean when a stray cat comes to your house? Well, not only weddings but many human-to-animal relationships are also made in heaven, so to say.

Well, the answer lies in the karmic relationship of past life. While we were doing some research to write this blog, we found a whole lot of content on the internet that is just beating around the bush and giving random reasons as to why a stray cat chooses you or what it means when a stray cat comes to your house.

When a stray cat chooses you - Spiritual Meaning
Stary cat sitting on a wall

The Cowherd however relies on Eastern Indian wisdom, the theory of Karma, and past life to give you the most accurate reason as to why a stray cat likes you. This blog has the following sections:

  1. What does it mean when stray cats come to you?
  2. What does it mean when a stray cat follows you spiritually?
  3. What is the spiritual significance of cats?
  4. What does it mean when a cat shows up at your door – Spiritual Meaning

What does it mean when stray cats come to you?

What does it mean when stray cats come to you?

Cats are so lovely. And if a stray cat happens to come to you and meows at you, you’ll be in cloud nine. You’ll experience a huge sense of happiness and joy. Sometimes you even feel as if you’ve already known this cat. This is because this is a union of two souls which have some karmic balance from their past life.

Certain individuals blame the felines for being unapproachable, yet we accept they are only specific about how they show their love and to whom. In a multi-human family, it appears to be that felines will pick one person they need to invest a greater amount of their energy with. The cat would find only that person attractive becaue it intuitively has some familiarity with the persona of that member in the family.

Individuals who interact with the cat by getting to know its signs and intentions are more alluring to their feline associates. Like any other relationship, affection and compassion are the bedrock of making a strong bond.

We often find a cat meowing at our door. We would not even have seen that cat in the vicinity before. It would seem as if it likes you. It would do cute gestures like arching its body and rubbing its body against things like furniture, stair case etc. It would not get scared even if you try to chase it away. These are signs that a cat likes you. But does it means that the stray cat chooses you and it has a spiritual meaning? Well, sometimes yes. You can validate this when you intuitively feel that, this cat is not running away, although you’ve tried to chase it enough. It’s not like other cats and has something special. Well, these are the signs that the cat likes you and it really has a spiritual meaning.


Cats are amazing living beings that anyone would love. Owning a cat can be an extremely fulfilling activity. Spending time with cats can calm our nervous system and provide an instant outlet for our craving for fun and play. Cats are very loving towards their owners and the people they trust.

There are several stray cats in the town and so are several people. But why you would wonder why is this cat appearing so special to me? Even I’ve felt at many points in time special bonds with various animals like cats, elephants, crows, pigeons, etc. You never know which animal has a connection with you. Some bonds last for a while; some last forever.

Here’s a picture of a cat and her kitten that randomly came to our doorstep one day.

You often feel very familiar with a new place that you’ve never been to before. This could also be a past life connection. Likewise, when we feel that a stray cat is choosing you, it is not just random but has a likely spiritual meaning.

What does it mean when a stray cat follows you spiritually?

The concept of past life and rebirth is a key part of belief systems throughout history around the world. All ancient eastern religions believe in past life and rebirth. Animals in this life could have been humans in their past lives. Even we could be born as animals in our next life. The concept of past lives is based on the idea that we have a subtle soul or essence that moves from one physical body to another over multiple lifetimes.

It’s said that if we think of an animal while dying, we would be born as that animal in our next life. This is the reason why animals of lower form are not encouraged as pets in the Indian tradition because we are likely to get attached to them and be born in that form. There are stories from the Indian mythology that talk about how even great sages were born as animals because of their uncontrollable attachment towards animals like deer in the forest.

When a stray cat choose you - there's a spiritual meaning
This stray cat happened to come to our house as and when I was writing this blog post

When you find a cat following you, apparently for no reason, it means that the cat is able to sense the past life relationship with you intuitively. If there are any karmic balances left, the two of you could settle it out in this birth. Thus, the stray cat choosing you is to settle the karmic balance and it’s not a coincidence.

When a stray cat chooses you - Spiritual Meaning
A cat sitting on tree-top

What is the spiritual significance of cats?

Cats as such do not have much spiritual significance in the Eastern cultures. However, the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. The Egyptians considered cats not only beautiful, but also magical creatures that bring happiness to the family. The Egyptians adorned cats with jewels and were important members of the family.


What does it mean when a cat shows up at your door – Spiritual Meaning

Cats are adorable animals that anybody would love to have as pets. What more can you ask for if a cat comes to you by itself? Most of us have such experiences in our life, in which we find some strange feeling or relationship with a totally strange animal or person.


What does it mean when a stray cat chooses you? You would feel extremely joyous, happy and delighted. You would feel as if your whole life revolves around the cat. You’d feel like giving it a name. You feel super excited when it responds to your call. You’ll click its pictures, take its videos and feel happy about everything it does. When a stray cat comes to your house and becomes a family member so easily, it for sure is a spiritual reunion of two souls which have had some connection in some past life. Thus not only a stray cat, but any animal that you come across in your life has a spiritual meaning.

And when the karmic transaction is complete, you would often observe, that the cat suddenly disappears from your life. Same is true for humans also. So, it is advisable in the long run, to not pay much attention to these and not get emotionally bonded.

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