How does God speak to us?

Well, everyone must have wondered “How does god speak to us” at some point in time. Especially the God fearing ones get numerous questions in the mind while praying to God. Can God hear us? Is God talking to us? Can we hear His voice? Does God want us to be able to hear Him speak? Who speaks for God? We must listen, but how? And many more such questions clutter our mind and it’s totally normal. This blog hopes to put all these doubts away.

God speaks to us via dreams, scriptures, miracles, saints and intuition. Broadly these can be categorized into two. One method is active communication in which you and God are in conversation in real time whereas the second is passive in which we realize that it is God who is speaking to us rather indirectly. Here are 5 ways God speaks to us:

  1. God speaks to us in dreams
  2. God speaks to us through scriptures
  3. God uses miracles to speak to us
  4. God speaks to us through saints
  5. God speaks to us through intuition
  6. Recognize God’s Voice

We can hear God’s voice as He speaks. Devotion is a relationship, and communication is the basis of all relationships. In order to strengthen our relationship with our heavenly Father, it is essential that we develop our ability to hear God’s voice.


There are many ways in which God can communicate. He is supreme, all-powerful, and omnipresent. Scriptures across religions are replete with instances of God communicating to specific people, groups of people etc. Now, let’s answer our initial question “How does god speak to us?” with five points.

God speaks to us in dreams

How does god speak to us?
God speaks to us in dreams

Dreaming of God frequently indicates that you are pleased and happy with your life. Seeing God in dream is not just a dream but actual vision of the God. However, if you cry or beg God in your dream, you may count on him to get you through any hardship that may be on your way. There are instances in which great saints have appeared in the dreams of common people and communicated with them.

It can also imply that you have in the past prayed to God for assistance and that he has come through for you when you needed him.

You could be unhappy about what you weren’t able to do or thrilled about the accomplishment you have already attained. It could also imply that you are considering someone who is divine in your eyes.

God speaks to us through scriptures

God speaks to us through scriptures
God speaks to us through scriptures

I’m sure you’re still wondering “How does God speak to us?” Adn that too via scriptures.

Every religion considers its scripture to be the word of God. In Eastern parlance, people who are self-realized do not have any individual ego and hence what they speak while being in the state of super consciousness is considered divine, or as the word of God.

God likewise addresses us when we supplicate. 

As we supplicate, God removes our concentration from our requirements and puts our emphasis on His affection and His power. Through petition, God significantly impacts our point of view to adjust to His motivations; He lays out His needs for our lives; He leads us into all reality.

God uses miracles to speak to us

How does god talk to us? God uses miracles to speak to us.
God uses miracles to talk to us

How can god talk to us using miracles? Well, that’s what makes Him God. But you must be diligent in your search for God and alert to how He is working in every area of your life because circumstances are another way that God speaks to us. God can reveal His viewpoint on your situation as you keep your eyes fixed on Him, especially amid trying or painful circumstances. We can acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways and rely on His love for us, His sovereignty, and His plan for our welfare rather than attempting to figure things out using only our limited knowledge and understanding. He can be trusted implicitly.

Once you start inwardly cleansing yourself and start developing a pure and clear mind, you will start becoming sensitive to a multitude of miracles in your everyday life, that you had failed to observe until now

God speaks to us through saints

How does god speak to us? God speaks to us through saints
God speaks to us through saints

Saints who have realized God are equal to God. These people who are in constant communion with God are therefore reverential. Their words must be considered divine.

God isn’t restricted in any capacity. He isn’t limited to specific techniques for correspondence with His devotees. God can similarly as inventively and decisively convey His message to your heart as you hear another person supplicate, as you read a declaration remembered for your congregation pamphlet, or as you unexpectedly comprehend the full significance of a tune you hear. With God, the sky is the limit!


God speaks to us through intuition

At times we feel a different thought in our mind that we clearly recognize as not ours. We would intuitively know that it is correct, and is beyond human judgement. Such divine interventions could be considered a word of God. There are yogic techniques that allow an advanced yogi to intercept human thoughts and talk to them in a subtle way. Sometime we experience them as dreams. But we need to have a pure heart to be able to discern God’s voice.

Numerous devotees dread that they will be hoodwinked by Satan’s voice. This is possible when you have a lot of base, gross and carnal desires in your heart and haven’t reached a certain level of spiritual maturity. Nonetheless, God’s youngsters can certainly recognize His voice when He talks. The method for staying away from getting misled is to figure out how to perceive God’s voice well. Then, at that point, assuming Satan attempts to fake God’s voice, you will quickly remember it as a misdirection.


Recognize God’s Voice

Read and study your religions scripture to understand God’s ways, cutting actoss linguistic and religions boundaries. Reflect on the scripture. By praying, make yourself available to God. Adore the Lord. Develop a personal relationship with God. In His presence, remain still. Spend time developing your connection to your heavenly Father. As a participant in a local church or temple, pay attention to the directions God is guiding you. Pay attention to the godly advice of reliable devout friends. You will develop your ability to discern God’s voice as you go.

The process of maturing from childhood to adulthood takes time; there is no quick way to learn to recognize God’s voice. Do you desire to hear from God? Spend time with Him after that. You will learn to recognize His voice as you spend more time with Him.


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